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  • Training
    We can help you get oriented by supplying training in INtime and iRMX. 

    Microsoft Developer Studio Visual C/C++ (5.0,6.0) can be used as a development environment. This approach avoids the extra costs involved in introducing a proprietary development environment. Wizards for fast code generation are also available.

    The INtime and iRMX III APIs provide very well defined and structured interfaces to the operating system .

    INtime is based on field-proven iRMX kernel technology. The INtime API  consists of two parts. They contain all system calls for the real-time kernel (RT-Calls) and Win32 system calls (NTX-Calls) for communication between INtime and Windows. they provide hard real-time operation and are modeled on the Win32 API.  The NTX API is a standard Win32 DLL-based C programming interface. It co-ordinates communication between NT and RT applications.

    iRMX III is a stand-alone operating system and is highly configurable - from a small-footprint, kernel-only solution to a full-service, hard real-time operating system. It is designed using a layered approach. Here we summarise the iRMX API, which offers a broad range of real-time, object-based functions and features.

  • Consulting
    Device Driver for INtime and iRMX
    We port and adapt iRMX according to the specifications of your platform.
    On-Site Support

  • Updates
    If you would like to be kept informed about updates, please send us an  email.

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